Skin Exfoliation-Your Crucial First Step for Younger Looking Skin

Sun exposure, smoking, an unhealthy lifestyle and the natural skin aging process are the most important factors that cause our faces to look older and unhealthy. There is a lot we can do to prevent these aging changes and if we already have them, to reduce aging changes and make our facial skin look fresh, younger and healthier. The most important first step in preventing and treating skin aging is exfoliation, and you need to know how to exfoliate your facial skin.

When Does Skin Aging Start?

Unfortunately skin aging starts when we are very young. Exposure to the sun is very destructive to the skin. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun actually damages skin collagen and starts an inflammatory process that leads to skin damage. Sun damage done during childhood does not actually appear on the skin as aging changes for many years.

Sun burn during childhood will not show up as aging changes until we are in our 30’s and 40’s. The lesson is that sun block, sun glasses and protective clothing and hats should be used on all children starting at a young age, especially if the children are fair skinned.

How Can You Prevent Skin Damage?

In addition to sun damage, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, and stress can cause aging changes and ruin your young looking skin. The best prevention measures to keep your skin looking young include:

Sun Protection-Sun block, sun glasses, hats, protective clothing, beach time limited to morning and late afternoon-avoid the hottest part of the day 12-2pm.
Avoid Skin Damaging Habits-Smoking, excessive alcohol intake, drug abuse all can contribute to skin aging
Eat Healthy– High Antioxidant Colored Vegetables, lean low fat meat and foods, and complex Carbohydrates are best. Vitamin C and B Complex Vitamins are important for skin health.
Stress Reduction-Exercise, Yoga, and Meditation are all stress relievers and will help your skin as well as the rest of your body and mind.
Proper Skin Care– Daily cleansing, exfoliation, and proper, proven effective, topical skin care products and routine professional skin care by an experienced Medical Aesthetician

How Can You Tell Your Facial Skin is damaged?

Early Facial Skin Damage Changes– Pigment, Brown Spots and Red Spots or visible Blood Vessels in the skin are the earliest signs of significant skin damage and aging changes. Typically these appear in your 20’s but if you are a sun worshiper you may lose your young looking skin in your teens.
Intermediate Facial Skin Damage Changes– Fine lines and wrinkles, more prominent Brown Spots and Pigment and Red Spots and Blood vessels begin to appear in your 30’s and 40’s if you look for them. Aging or skin damage changes are most noticeable in sun exposed areas. On the face these are typically around the eyes and nose and most noticeable in sun worshippers in the Décolletage. Check your Décolletage if you want a gauge of what is going on in your face and may become evident in the years ahead.
Advanced Facial Skin Damage– Deep Facial Lines-Nasal Labial Fold, Deep Frown Lines and Crow’s Feet, Jowls, Neck Laxity, loss of volume in the cheek with a hollow look in the mid face, severe Brown Spots, Red Spots and Spider Veins are all signs of very significant skin damage and advanced facial aging. At this point significant intervention is required.

How Does Exfoliation Help Keep Your Face and Décolletage Skin Looking Young?

The most prominent feature of sun damaged, aged skin when you look at it through a microscope is layer upon layer of dry, dead, hard skin cells that form a dry unhealthy appearance to the skin. This is called the “Horney Layer” because of the similarity to the structure of a cow’s horn. Loss of collagen in the deeper skin layer called the Dermis and loss of fat from beneath the skin as well as motion from facial movements such as frowning and smiling also causes folds or wrinkles to develop in this skin layer. These wrinkles are surface irregularities in the skin.

Skin Exfoliation removes this dead skin and the surface irregularities similar to the way imperfections on wood are removed by sanding, but in a much gentler and safe way. Deep skin exfoliation also stimulates the deeper layers of the skin to grow new collagen. After exfoliation, once the dead skin cells are removed, topical creams such as Retin A, Tazarotine, and Vitamin C will penetrated the skin more easily and be more effective.

Before and after Fractional laser skin resurfacing

Before and after Fractional laser skin resurfacing

The benefits of exfoliation are:
• Remove dead, dry, damaged skin to reveal healthy young looking skin cells
• Stimulate the deeper skin layer to produce new collagen to replace collagen lost by sun damage, toxins and aging and restore young looking skin.
• Improve the penetration of Skin Care Products like Retin A, Tazorac, and Vitamin C to prevent skin aging changes
• Prevent blockage of Sebaceous (Oil) Gland openings (Pores) and thus help prevent Acne outbreaks
• Improve and freshen skin appearance to a younger look

How to Exfoliate-the Best Skin Exfoliation Techniques?

Facial skin exfoliation should be an everyday part of your skin care routine if you want young looking skin. There are many simple things you can do at home. However if you are serious about preserving skin health and preventing facial and Décolletage skin damage and aging you need to visit a Professional Experienced Medical Aesthetician who knows how to exfoliate on a routine basis. My recommendation is that a maintenance program should involve your Medical Aesthetician at least every 6 weeks after a good baseline exfoliation and skin care regimen has been initiated. The best exfoliation techniques are:

• Daily Skin Cleansing
• Daily Exfoliation- the Clarisonic is an excellent device that you can use at home
• Daily Use of a Medical Grade Topical Skin Cream exfoliant.
• Microdermabrasion or Micropeel every 6 weeks
• For Moderate Skin Damage and aging changes a Superficial Fractional Ablative Erbium Laser Peel
• For Advanced Skin Damage and Aging Changes a Combined Laser Skin Resurfacing with a combination of 1540 Non ablative Fractional Erbium Laser and 2940 Ablative Fractional Erbium Laser treatments

Come In and See Our Medical Aesthetician to get a Head Start on summer.

We are experts at evaluating and treating skin damage and skin aging and helping you have young looking skin. We are also honest professionals who understand the complex field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. We will tell you what we see and only recommend treatments that we believe, based on scientific evidence, to work.

We hope you will come in for a visit.To entice you we are offering a free Micropeel to the first 10 Newsletter Subscribers who come in for a consult or skin evaluation in the Month of April and a free copy of Save Your Face to all who visit us for any reason.

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