Removal of Pigment and Blood Vessels

Brown spots, or facial pigment, and red spots, blood vessels on your cheeks, around your nose and chin are facial aging changes which are caused by inflammation.

Years of sun damage stimulate the skin to produce pigment spots called age spots in an attempt to shield the skin from the sun. Blood vessels also form on the face in response to sun injury and internal inflammatory aging factors.

There are very effective non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques for the removal of brown spots and blood vessels from the facial skin. (Contact Dr Seckel) Simply removing brown spots, pigment, age spots, red spots and blood vessels from the facial skin dramatically freshens the face and creates a more youthful appearance.

The pigment removal techniques and blood vessel removal techniques I use are:

· Topical skin Creams

· Photo facial treatments or IPL

· Laser skin treatments

Topical Skin Creams

The combination of Retin A or a Retinol with 4% hydroquinone is an effective bleaching regimen for age spots and facial pigmentation. Epiquin®, Claripel®, and Glyquin® are prescription brand name products that are combinations of the active ingredients. The Obagi Skin Care line is also effective and I often use a combination of Retin A and Obagi Blender 5 for pigment control.

Most people with facial skin aging can benefit from this therapy. I also use this regimen to pre treat patients who have excess facial skin pigment prior to a Photo facial or IPL treatment or an ablative fractional laser resurfacing treatment.

Photo facial or IPL Therapy

Photo facial or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments have revolutionized the treatment of facial pigmentation and excess facial blood vessels. Photo facial treatments are more gentle than laser treatments, with less pain, less down time, and less risk of complications.

Results of Photofacial IPL anti-aging skin care treatments can be excellent, see before and after pictures below: >

before and after pictures of photofacial ipl anti-aging skin care of the face

During a photo facial treatment you will wear dark glasses to protect your eyes, no anesthesia is required, and treatments are very brief. The photo facial or IPL treatment consists of a flash of light directed to the pigment or blood vessel. You feel a brief sting which most find tolerable.

There is no down time, only redness which is temporary and easily covered by make up.

Visible results take 5 weeks and usually 3-4 treatments are necessary.

Laser Therapy

Laser treatment of pigment and blood vessels is also very effective. New fractional laser skin resurfacing lasers are more aggressive than IPL or photo facial and are usually reserved for treatment of pigment and blood vessels which fail to respond to IPL or photo facial treatment.

You will wear protective eye wear during treatment. No anesthesia is required and treatments are brief. Redness is greater than with the IPL and occasionally treatment areas are red for several days and occasionally skin peeling occurs.

Results can take 5 weeks to become evident and repeat treatments are often necessary.

The results of Photo facial treatment of pigment and blood vessels produce dramatic facial rejuvenation, are quick, cause minimal or no down time and require no anesthesia. Photo facial or IPL treatment of pigment and blood vessels is a very effective non-surgical facial rejuvenation technique.

Call 978-369-4499 if you would like to learn more about how to remove facial pigment and blood vessels. Read Save Your Face for more detailed information on these techniques.

I look forward to meeting you.

Dr Seckel

Boston, Massachusetts

Peabody, Massachusetts

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