Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Plastic Surgery is Becoming Non-surgical

Revolutionary new advances in technology in the past few years have made true non-surgical facial skin rejuvenation a possibility for many people. (Contact Dr Seckel)

The major break throughs are:

· Laser Lipolysis (Fat Dissolving) and Skin Tightening
Revolutionary new lasers which specifically melt fat and tighten skin are radically changing traditional plastic surgery. First described as “laser assisted liposuction” (SmartLipo® and Coolipo®), newer 924nm and combination 924/975nm laser wavelengths (SlimLipo®) are having applications far greater than just fat removal. These newer lasers also tighten skin as fat beneath the skin is melted thus true liposculpture, laser body sculpture, and laser body contouring are now possible. What this means is that traditional surgical procedures such as tummy tuck, buttock lift, and neck lift can often now be accomplished using a tiny laser fiber beneath the skin and avoiding the surgical incisions, scars, and recovery associated with these traditional procedures. Results can be dramatic as evidenced in the before and 4 day after laser removal of double chin and chin implant shown below:


· Fractional Skin Rejuvenation-Changing the Face of Laser resurfacing-new fractional ablative and non ablative lasers, the Erbium and CO2 facial rejuvenation lasers effectively stimulate new collagen growth in the deeper skin layer called the dermis to replace aged and sun damaged collagen, plump the skin, remove pigment, smooth wrinkles, improve acne scars, and tighten skin, with minimal down time, about a third of the healing time required with traditional laser resurfcing and getting better every day. Fraxel, Lux1540, and the new Fraxel Repair and Lux2940 are revolutionary new skin rejuvenation lasers.

· IPL-Intense Pulsed Light, also called Photo facial rejuvenation, can safely and gently remove pigment, brown spots, blood vessels, shrink enlarged pores, and stimulate new collagen production in the skin. When IPL or Photo Facial rejuvenation treatments are combined with the light activating agent Levulan, in a process called Photodynamic Therapy even pre cancerous lesions can be removed and severe acne controlled

· Skin tightening machines utilizing Infrared LuxIR Deep, and Radiofrequency energy heat the very deep layers of the skin and stimulate new collagen formation and tightening of the skin

· Botox relaxes wrinkle causing muscles of facial expression and removes crow’s feet, worry lines, frown lines and bunny lines, a remarkable and safe advance in facial rejuvenation

· A new generation of Soft tissue fillers, like Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm and others plump lips and fill deep facial lines without the threat of allergic reaction and with much longer lasting results

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation is here to stay and is getting more effective as new products come out every month. One of my common expressions whenever I speak about the new non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation is “plastic surgery is becoming non-surgical”.

Although I am a surgeon, I have always and will continue to practice on the cutting edge of new facial rejuvenation techniques, surgical and non-surgical; you will get the latest up to date treatments in my Boston Plastic Surgery practice.

Call me for more information on any of the above procedures, or email me your questions. For further information on facial rejuvenation read Save Your Face.

Dr Seckel

Boston, Massachusetts

Concord, Massachusetts


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