Laser Tummy Tuck-Non-surgical Tummy Fat Removal and Skin Tightening with Laser Liposuction

The tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries in the United States. Most commonly women decide to have a tummy tuck to regain their tight tummy after having their children. A tummy tuck can give beautiful results-see before and after tummy tuck below:

Before and After Photo Mini Tummy Tuck and SlimLipo

Before and After Photo Mini Tummy Tuck and SlimLipo Front View

I call the above a bikini tuck because the scar is hidden beneath the bikini line.
Many lasers have been used in the past to try to tighten loose abdominal skin, but none in my opinion have been effective. However new laser liposuction technology has been developed that truly can melt fat and tighten skin, perform true liposculpture and create a laser tummy tuck or non-surgical tummy tuck in properly selected patients.

The New Laser Tummy Tuck
Recently a new laser has been developed for Laser Liposuction which can effectively melt fat and tighten skin of the abdomen in properly selected patients. The results can be dramatic. See photos below of before and after a mini tuck and laser liposuction or laser liposculpting of the upper abdomen:

Before and after Laser Liposuction side view

Before and after Laser Liposuction abdomen notice definition of abdominal muscles after Laser Liposuction and Mini Tuck

Although the laser tummy tuck is most successful on younger and thinner patients, I have also had impressive results on older patients with significant skin excess and fat-see photo below of 70 year old patient following laser liposuction ONLY-no surgical excision or tummy tuck:

Before and after Laser Liposuction abdomen

Before and after Laser Liposuction abdomen

How Does the Laser Tummy Tuck Work?
The new laser system uses a 925nm and combination 925/975nm laser wavelengths passed through a small fiber into the fat beneath the tummy skin. The 925nm laser is selectively absorbed by the fat and actually melts the fat. The 925/975nm combination tightens the tissue beneath the skin and pulls the skin tighter against the underlying muscles.
This is new technology-previous laser liposuction machines used a 1064nm or 1308nm laser wavelength. The 925nm is absorbed by fat 5 times more than the 1064nm and 3 times more than the 1308.
The result, in my experience, is more effective fat removal and skin tightening.

What Are the Advantages of the Laser Tummy Tuck Over a Surgical Tummy Tuck?
The most important of course is that the laser tummy tuck does not require large incisions and a surgical procedure on the abdomen. The laser liposuction fiber is placed under the skin through a tiny hole made in a hidden location in the skin. The major benefits are:

• No Long Surgical Scars
• Quicker Recovery
• Many Can Be Done Under Local Anesthesia
• Loose Skin and Fat Above the Belly Button Can Be Corrected Without Major Surgery

What are the Advantages of Laser Tummy Tuck Over Plain Liposuction of the Abdomen?
Traditional liposuction is used to remove fat from the abdomen and is very effective at fat removal. However, in my experience, there are several problems associated with liposuction done without the laser, mainly loose skin and contour irregularities and dimpling of the skin.
In my experience so far I have been very impressed with the skin tightening after the laser liposuction tummy tuck procedure. I have also been able to use the technique on thinner patients and have not seen the skin irregularities and contour deformities I have seen with liposuction without the laser. The benefits of the laser liposuction method in my practice are:

• Tighter Skin
• Smoother Skin- Fewer, if any, Irregularities
• Less Tissue Trauma-Gentler Procedure

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