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Although the term “Mommy Makeover” has become a very popular term the “Mommy Makeover” is not a new surgical method. Rather, the “Mommy Makeover” is a combination of two or more surgical procedures that address the changes in a woman’s body due to pregnancy. A “Mommy Makeover” can restore a new mother’s figure in one day requiring only one recovery period. Since Mom’s are the primary care givers of young children this is a very attractive option-less down time. I use a technique I call a bikini tummy tuck or bikini tuck which restores your flat tummy but hides the scar beneath your bikini(See Photo Below).

The most popular “Mommy Makeover” typically includes the breast and the abdominal areas. In my practice, I often perform a breast lift and/or breast augmentation to reshape the breasts and a tummy tuck to tighten the tummy. The combination of breast lift and augmentation can restore the breast to a youthful pre-pregnancy shape. (See Photo Below)

Before and after pictures of boston mommy makeover with breast lift and breast augmentation with breast implants

Many patients however do not need both procedures and choose only a tummy tuck or breast lift and or breast augmentation.

The results of a mini tummy tuck I call a bikini lift or bikini tummy tuck can be dramatic and the scar can be hidden beneath a bikini or brief underwear. Better, the bulge caused by a C section scar can be removed.(See Photo Below)

Before and afgter pictures of boston mommy makeover with tummy tuck bikini tuck

The combined breast and tummy “Mommy Makeover” is done in the Hospital Operating Room for your safety. Recovery time is about 10 days to two weeks but you will be up and around after 4-5 days

“Mommy Makeovers” are a very rewarding part of my practice because they can help a new mom “get her body back” and regain her self esteem and confidence. My patients have been uniformly happy and thrilled with the results. For more information please call 978-369-4499.

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Dr Seckel

Concord, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

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