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Facelift-How to Hide Facelift Scars

Many people who are considering a Facelift are worried about Facelift Scars. However it is possible to have a Facelift with No Visible Facelift Scars. This involves knowledge on your part and skill and careful planning on the part of your Plastic Surgeon. Read More about how to hide Facelift Scars

Sculptra Aesthetic®:Not a Filler, but a Bio Stimulant

Sculptra Aesthetic®:Not a Filler, but a Bio Stimulant (continued) Sculptra Aesthetic® is an injectable product that acts as a Bio Stimulant to help your skin form new collagen. As you know, fat loss, loss of collagen and the effects of the sun cause aging of the skin and wrinkles. Sculptra Aesthetic® helps your body to […]

Fat Transfer To the Face

Fat Transfer (continued) Fat transfer is transforming Plastic Surgery. As we age, the Fat in our face atrophies or is lost. Remember how you looked as a teenager with full plump “Apple Cheeks?” The effect of aging of the face resembles a balloon that loses its air. As air is let out, the balloon looks […]

Combined Laser Resurfacing

Combined Laser Resurfacing (continued) Winter is the best time to have Laser Resurfacing. Winter skin is dry. Wrinkles and pigment are more obvious. Recovery from Laser Resurfacing is much easier in cooler weather. Laser Resurfacing is unequivocally the best facial rejuvenation technique to remove wrinkles and to improve facial brown spots, as well as damaged […]

When Should You Remove your Breast Implants?

Unless you have a medical emergency related to your breast implants (also called a prosthesis or device in this article,) removing your breast implants is an entirely elective decision. You should however discuss this decision carefully with your Plastic Surgeon and seek his/her advice. If you are pleased with the appearance of your breasts after […]

Tummy Tuck After C-section – How Long Should You Wait

Have you had a C-section and are considering a Tummy Tuck to get your flat stomach back? Many women have a this operation to correct the scar left by a C-section every year and are pleased with their results. According to readers of Real self-94% of women who have had this operation feel it is […]

Before and After Photos of Tummy Tuck Boston

The patient above was unhappy with loose skin above her “Belly Button” after having a baby. Below notice the improvement in her waist and flank area and the definition of her “Abs” in both front and side views post op. The patient below was concerned about a “Pouch” in her lower abdomen which was caused […]

Breast Implants Scars- How to improve your Breast Implant Scar

Are you thinking about breast implants but afraid of the scars? Have you had a breast augmentation and are wondering how to improve the look of your incision site. There are many tips that you can use to improve the look of your incision after surgery. Usually the Breast Augmentation or Implant incision site is […]

Chin Implant Removal

Many people have chosen to have a chin implant or a Plastic Surgery procedure called a Genioplasty. Some people may choose to have the implant removed and that can usually be done relatively easy by your Plastic Surgeon

Small Breasts-How to Have Bigger Breasts Without or With Implants

If you wish you had bigger breasts but are afraid of breast implants or if you want to regain the fullness that you had before having children or losing weight, there are options other than implants or surgical augmentation. Newer more natural techniques do exist but are most effective for small to moderate enlargement.

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