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Boston Laser Spider Vein Removal—How to Remove Spider Veins with Lasers

Beach season is coming, and if you want to get rid of spider veins and leg veins before putting on your bathing suit, now is the time to start. Above: Before and after laser spider vein removal (Palomar-Khatri) None of us like to see spider veins and leg veins on our calves, thighs and ankles. […]

Boston Eyelid Surgery –Before and After Pictures of Eyelid Surgery in Boston

Modern eyelid surgery techniques can safely and effectively refresh tired looking eyes and make the entire face look younger. New laser and tissue conservation techniques reduce down time and help avoid problems with older eyelid surgery techniques such as the hollow eye and the sad eyed look, which were the result of excess tissue removal […]

How To Use Botox–Boston Botox

Above: Before and after Botox injection of crow’s feet area-patient is smiling hard in both photos. Botox or Botulinum Toxin A can do much more for your health and well being than removing wrinkles from your face. Contrary to popular myth, Botox or Botulinum Toxin A is not like getting food poisoning. Botox or Botulinum […]

Double Eyelid–Asian Eyelid Blepharoplasty Surgery

Asian eyes are exotic and beautiful. In today’s fashion photography Asian eyes are often featured. For years many Asian women have had blepharoplasty surgery to create a double eyelid fold or crease. This can create a beautiful effect if the Asian blepharoplasty is done correctly and the eye is not westernized too much. The key […]

How to Get the Best Safest Laser Liposuction

For those of us who have watched our diet and exercised and still see fat on our bodies that we do not like, liposuction is a reasonable option to consider. New laser liposuction techniques are less traumatic than older liposuction and results of the new laser liposuction, using the new SlimLipo technique in my Boston […]

Before and After Pictures of Botox in Boston

Botox injections for wrinkle removal and facial rejuvenation are a revolutionary advance in facial anti-aging techniques. Botox is now one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the world. Botox can remove wrinkles, lift the brow, lift the corner of the mouth and improve jowls, all common signs of facial aging. When used properly by […]

Botox Boston—Botox Brow Lift Boston

What Is Brow Ptosis? As we reach our 30’s all of us see early facial aging changes. Sagging of the brow and eyebrow over the eyes, especially at the outside corner of the eyes is a very common early sign of facial aging. This sagging of the brow is called brow ptosis and as the […]

Boston Laser Hair Removal—How to Get Rid of Hair with IPL and Laser

Laser and IPL hair removal are the most common laser and photomedicine procedures done in the United States. None of us like to be too hairy, I guess it reminds us too graphically of our hairy friends in the animal world! Especially women do not like dark excess hair on the face, legs, bikini line […]

Boston Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation for Fresh Young Looking Skin with IPL

Have you noticed brown spots or age spots and broken blood vessels on your face, neck and décolletage? These skin changes are signs of sun damage and facial aging. New non-surgical Photofacial anti-aging skin care treatments using intense pulsed light, called IPL, can remove age spots, broken blood vessels and skin aging changes with minimal […]

Boston IPL—IPL Removes Acne, Hair, Sun Damage and Spider Veins

Whether you have brown spots, broken blood vessels, unwanted hair, Rosacea or acne outbreaks on your face, a new light or Photo medicine therapy called IPL or Intense Pulsed Light can help. IPL, Intense Pulsed Light treatments, also called Photofacial skin treatments can treat a very wide range of skin problems. Whether you have aging […]

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